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Against the Endless Enemy

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README (if any):

entry for Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2017

For more information about the challenge: http://gynvael.coldwind.pl/?id=668

To play the game itself, download and run ./dist/index.html in a browser. Or it
can be downloaded from drive. The final compressed version weighs 19.4KB.

It was 85% fun, and I learned things doing it. I didn't manage to squeeze sound
into the package, stripped away a few intended game mechanics, and didn't do all
the fancy UI animations I had orginally hoped to do, but otherwise the game
ended up looking pretty close to my original ideas.

I did have some early setbacks. I started using Svelte as my framework before
moving to Hyperapp, but Svelte just weighed too much, and I prefer JSX over
Svelte's templating language. I also cobbled together my own compressor using
lz-string, but RegPack did the job better.

Stuff used to make this thing:

* Hyperapp, a microscopic framework
* RegPack for compression
* This awesome tutorial for pathfinding with depth-first
* Tweezer, modified, for tweening values
* Game-Icons for the SVG icons, which were modified with:
* Inkscape and then compressed with SVGOMG.