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README (if any):

Submission by Stephen Fleming for Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2017

Total game size:
11022 b

The game should run in any modern browser, IE may have issues with ES6 features.

Gameplay Instructions:
The blue circles are your units, LEFT CLICK to select a unit and display its
possible moves.
The DARK GREY tiles are walls and the TEAL tiles are doorways, these are
movable tiles.
As the player moves around the map, they will encounter enemies, which are RED
circles, the player can ATTACK these enemies by RIGHT CLICKING on them.
The player can complete 5 ACTIONS per turn, an ACTION is equal to one MOVE or

The player will WIN once all enemies has been killed, then the game will

Libraries\Frameworks used:

Tools used:
uglifyjs (github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS) (for compression)

No sound effects are included.