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ZKSS Tactics

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README (if any):

game is controlled by keyboard.
Units and map allocated at random
current index.html file size: 19997bytes
gameplay roughly follows "fire emblem" ~ esq combat, 
somewhere between fire emblem heroes mobile game and mainstream titles.

Game has only been tested in Chrome.

- arrow keys: left/right/up/down, navigate menus
- "A" is select/attack/etc
- "Z" is back/cancel/etc
- "enter" toggles the enemy to be controlled by AI or by the player

see "attribution.txt" for image attribution
source code contained in ./source/ folder


- Units:
--Nomad, 3 movement
--Captain, 2 movement, less movement restrictions
--Thief, 2 movement
--Knight, 1 movement 

- Items: 
--Sword - attacks from 1 range
--Bow - attacks from 2 range
--Vulnerary - heals 10 HP

- Terrain: 
--Plains - no movement penalty
--Fort - 1 def, heals 20 HP per turn, 2 movement
--Forest - 2 movement impassible by Nomad
--Mountain - impassible by most units
--Peak - impassible by most units

Developed by Sylvan.